ATTENTION! Easy to use Chrome Extension that helps you to grow your network organically in a few clicks...
Easy to use Chrome Extensions that helps you to grow your network organically in a few clicks...

10 Chrome Extensions

The Organic Marketing Toolkit is a suite of 10 Chrome Extensions that allow you to "hack" your social media accounts into lead generation machines! 
Without spending money on paid ads or complex stuff, this toolkit will show you how to generate new leads. It's the perfect organic marketing hack for any company looking to grow their revenue without going broke in the process

 Use Organic Marketing Tool Kit To...

Get More Leads And Save Time

 Connect with New Customers on Autopilot

Grow Your
Organic Traffic

Yup! It...
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📍 From the desk of Yogesh Saini

Social Media is designed to make your life easier; so why don't you be honest with me? 
I'm sure that at some point, someone has told you "You should go on social media more." You know what they were really saying though right? 
They want us to connect and network as much as possible.  
But here's the thing: If we're not all over it...then how can our prospects find their way back home before signing up for a trial or buying something from us ? 🧐
But... when you think about going through the process of adding people to your network  EVERY DAY of the year, you get overwhelmed...a
or think it's a lot of work to do...
or say to yourself that you should focus on other parts of your business...
Yeah, I've been there.
I hired a lot of people to take care of all this for me, and spent thousands of dollars to learn how to do it the right way so I could get the best results for my businesses
I struggled to find an effective, yet time efficient way to add people to my network  single day of the year, without having to pay thousands of dollars for a VA to do it for me. 💸
It took me a long time to figure out.
My name is Yogesh Saini, and I'd love to share with you what I do every single day to add people to my network who will buy my services and products, in just a few clicks , so that I don't have to worry about it for a whole day, and see my network growing day in and day out.

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$ 27/m
  • Friend Maker
  • ​Friend Remover


$ 97/m
  • Friend Maker
  • ​Friend Remover
  • ​Friend Approver
  • ​Group Magnet
  • ​Feed Engager
  • ​Feed Filter
  • ​Link Saver
  • ​Comment Responder
  • ​Messenger Matic
  • ​Messenger Connector


$ 47/m
  • Friend Maker
  • ​Friend Remover
  • ​Group Magnet
  • ​Feed Engager
  • ​Feed Filter
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